The sunny island of Mykonos through the eye’s of Elliott

The sunny island of Mykonos through the eye’s of Elliott

First of all just to narrow it down for you guys my first three thoughts upon arriving to this island were:

Well a month in, and nothing has changed, except for my driving skills that is, which can best be described as…Mykonian. It’s seriously like driving in Grand Theft Auto except for the fact that it’s real life, and we don’t get points for killing people but we do get brownie points from our boss. JOKING, ha ha, relax everyone. The island is still incredibly beautiful, and coming from Miami where I was living on the beach day in and day out well that’s saying something. Other than that my liver has taken quite the beating…sorry mom, my housemates are actually insane. Let’s just say that seeing the sunrise every day has become the new normal, as has….wait I’m actually living in Greece….woahh…and there’s a crisis.

Speaking of which, I guess that even though the situation in Athens is uncertain, the situation in Mykonos is still sunny and beautiful. Which when looking at it in a slightly philosophical way, may be projecting the future for Greece. It will still be sunny and beautiful, and they will come out on top.

Sending positive thoughts your way and hoping to see you soon.